Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Heart's Ideal

It seems it's important not to get distracted as a missionary. The needs are so great, that one could easily spend all his time taking people to the hospital, or buying food to feed the hungry, and not have any time to, for example, learn to speak their language.

But the spiritual needs are even greater...

If the missionary is going to be able to lead the people to God, he or she must be someone the people can relate to, not some superman gullawa with lots of money.

Wouldn't it be better to live with them and like them, personally treating them with natural remedies when they are sick, giving what we have instead of buying handouts, and letting them come to curiously look over our shoulders as we practice reading the Bible in their language? Don't we need to take off our shoes and put on theirs if we want to understand them and reach them?

This is my heart's ideal of a true missionary. It seems if there were a person, couple, or family living like this in every village, "Jesus is coming soon" would become more than a cliche.

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